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DCDC Converters

High efficient Single-Channel Multi-Phase 10A DCDC Buck Converter with 10MHz Switching Speed

High efficient Dual- Channel Multi-Phase 5A DCDC Buck Converter with 10MHz Switching Speed

CHP263x product family comprise ICs without passives and fully integrated power modules. Customers have the flexibility to select modules if PCB space is the main concern in the system, or the stand-alone IC solution if external passives selection has already been made. This product family results in the smallest footprint, thus eases PCB placement and routing while addressing demanding supply requirements in smartphones, tablets, servers and various other platforms.

CHP2630 is the up to 10MHz, single 10A four-phase buck stand-alone IC (without integrated passives).
CHP2635 is high efficient Dual- Channel Multi-Phase 5A DCDC Buck Converter with 10MHz Switching Speed.
Both of these two devices have features:
The Dynamic Voltage Control (DVC) supports adaptive adjustment of the output voltage depending on the load. The DVC can be controlled either via direct register writes through the communication interface (I2C or SPI) or via input pins.
A remote sensing feature is included to provide high accuracy and to support various PCB routing schemes.
All products in this family include over-temperature, under-voltage and over-current protection features for increased system reliability without the need for external sensing circuitry.
I2C address is configurable via register writes.

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