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Chaoyang’s patented technology offers ultra-fast switching regulators with the smallest form factor in the world, providing high performance and ultra-low power through best-in-class efficiency.

Multi-Channel ICs(PMICs)

5 single-phase DCDC buck converters and 7 LDOs PMIC

CHP2780 is a power management IC(PMIC) with 5 single-phase DCDC buck converters and 7 LDOs. The LDOs can be driven by looping back the DCDC converter outputs or they can accept a separate external supply. CHP2780 features a digital interface configurable as I2C or SPI for control of the output voltages. A remote differential sensing feature is included for buck1 to provide high accuracy and to support various PCB routing schemes. Over-temperature, over-current, under-voltage and over-voltage protection features for increased system reliability are included without external sensing circuitry.